Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JERSEY BOYS WINS TONY AWARD FOR BEST MUSICAL!!!!! What does this have to do with "A RADIO STORY/We Wish You Well In Your Future Endeavors"???? In the book, the main character loves the 4 SEASONS and in one of the chapters actually sings his version of "Rag Doll". Here is an excerpt from the book where Jake needs to make nice to his girl Bernice, and the only thing he could do to mollify her hurt feelings is sing "Rag Doll".


Jake’s various client meetings that day were non eventful. He bought two box lunches, picked up some flowers and went on his way to see Bernice. As he entered her room, he caught sight of her lifting weights with her legs and doing curls with her arms in a continuous motion that seemed so fluid it belied her actual condition. Shooting him that glorious smile, she sat down for lunch after she finished her required regimen. Jake regaled Bernice with stories of Poppy and his clients while she shared with him information about the latest doings of her family. It was a relaxed, easy meeting the two thoroughly enjoyed. “You look very tired” said Bernice to Jake. “I worry about my Maytag breaking down, don’t know if I can ever find those quality parts to fix him up again”. Jake smiled and answered, “I’m fine, I’m just a little worn out today. Lot of stress at work, ya know?” Bernice leaned forward and said, “You don’t have to stay there, Daddy would love to have you work for us. That would fix everything”. “Oh Bernice, please, your brothers would throw me in the explosives machine when no one was looking,” he said. “I’d fish you out Maytagger, and pull you to safety” she smiled. “Yeah?” asked Jake. “Uh huh, but since you’re not giving up on this silly broadcast business, which is long term stress, let me deal with your short term needs, “ she said sensually. “Oh wow, is this the special treatment option your so famous for?” asked Jake hopefully. “Oh yeah sweet cakes. Let’s get down and dirty” cooed Bernice. Jake leaned back in the chair and waited as Bernice took a pillow and sat on the floor directly in front of him. Looking up at him, she took off his designer shoes and sexily slid his socks down his feet. The couple had done this before. This was pretty much as sensual as the two got but Jake thought it was better than contact sport sex. Jake leaned back and closed his eyes while Bernice took his bare feet in her long tapered fingers and began to massage them. For one brief moment in Jake’s crowded, busy life (one of his own choosing) he achieved nirvana. Smiling, he thought about how truly lucky he was and began to drift off to sleep for a quick catnap. Just as he was in that twilight stage of blissful drowsiness, something both familiar and surreal happened. “So, I was watching the TV news last night and I swear I saw a guy who looked a lot like you standing right beside a very attractive older lady. At first I thought it was you because he was well dressed, very well groomed and ever so gallant standing beside her”, she said softly. Putting more pressure on his heel, she continued “But then I thought my Maytag is way too tired after his hard day of wife loving and girl friend caring and managing all those clients to even pop the top on his little itty bitty ice cold can of Tab to let even try to fight a big bad old hot fire with an attractive, hot older lady by his side” sneered the tall muscular woman at his feet. Jake was in a strange state, he had heard everything she was saying but was unable to think or move. Plus, he couldn’t formulate the words for a plausible denial. Bernice continued massaging softly and then abruptly pulled back the ball of his foot toward him squeezing it as if she were trying to twist it off like a bottle cap. “Ouch!!!”, whined Jake, “what the heck are you doing? Stop that!!” Bernice persisted. “We have to make something very clear here” she told him holding his left foot hostage in a hold any wrestler would envy, “I don’t mind you spending time with Adrienne, she was already in place when I came along but under no circumstances do you start another project. I’m your ultimate alternative, I accept that but I’m not going to play third fiddle in your orchestra, understand?” She released his feet, threw his socks at him, picked up the pillow and crawled back in bed with her back toward him. It was a side he had not seen of Bernice. This one time meek girl was now a woman of steel. Jake thought about her similarities with Adrienne in this situation. Both women seemed to be stronger after spending time with Jake. He thought it uncanny how his two women struck him for the truth when he was most vulnerable. He wondered if somehow they were comparing notes. After a few moments of self serving thought, his focus shifted back to his B girl lying on the bed. “Hey” he called out. “Go away” she said. “Oh come on, nothing is going on with her, she’s a friend, she’s an ally at work. We were just eating and then that fire broke out. I thought Danny had moved his hobby south of here and wanted to congratulate him on his work” continued Jake. “Danny’s not a fire bug, he blows things up stupid”, she replied. A few silent moments ensued. Then she turned over and looked at him, “I’m mad at you and only two things can fix it, you know what they are. So if you want to make this right, be on your way sir!!!” Jake got up, put on his shoes, left the room and went down to his car. He went to his trunk, pulled out a small package and carried it back to her room. and stood in the doorway. Bernice looked up and smiled. Jake drew the curtains, darkened the room further by turning out the lights and took a scented candle out of the small bag. He placed it on the table in front of her along with a Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry filled bar. Lighting the candle, he stepped back and began to sing, “She’s a rag doll, such a rag doll, such a pretty face, should be wrapped in lace…ooooo, oooo, ooooo, Rag Doll, I love you just the way you are”. Bernice looked at him with tears forming in her eyes. “Thank you so much, I knew you’d do it again for me. It’s our little ritual. Remember the first time you did that for me?” she asked. “The first night you were in the hospital, but I didn’t think you heard me or remembered anything about it” replied Jake. “Believe me Maytag, “ countered Bernice. “I remember everything about every moment, good and bad I spend with you”. Their quiet moment was interrupted by an aide who thought someone was smoking because of the candle. “Hey, I have to get back to work” said Jake. “Call me later my little Maytag, okay?” Bernice said. “You got it my little rag doll” called Jake. The aide looked at both of them, shook her head and said, “Love makes normal people crazy, that’s all I gotta say”. Bernice shot her a look and said, “We aren’t in love, if we were, it would be all over for that fella” pointing toward a retreating Jake.


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