Thursday, June 01, 2006

SYNOPSIS OF "A RADIO STORY/WE WISH YOU WELL IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS", by David Yonki. Jake Yanick loved two things, radio and beautiful women. In “We Wish You Well In Your Future Endeavors”, the main character’s life is traced from a boyhood fascination with the dual loves of his life. These two obsessions collide when Jake, in his early 40s takes a job as a sales representative for two very different radio stations. Jake finds that radio, as he knew it as a boy has changed totally. He struggles with the demise of mom and pop operations that gave way to the bottom line Wall Street acquisitions that permeated the broadcast industry because of government deregulation in the 1990s. The change in the medium he cares about is the least of his problems. Jake has serious self image problems that dictate he chase and win only beautiful women with dysfunction qualities. Meanwhile at home is the beautiful and very normal Mrs. Adrienne Yanick who centers Jake’s frenetic personal life. Just when Jake slows down and decides to eschew the pursuit of crazy gals, his wife suffers a brain injury in an auto accident that makes her seem eerily familiar to the Casanova. Jake’s intentions are to take care of his ailing wife. Finding it ironic that the brain injury has made her just as unstable as his past loves, he decides to settle down and make a commitment to Adrienne and his new found radio career. The radio world is permeated by a series of off beat characters that would be unemployable elsewhere. Jake surrounds himself with all of them and moves deftly through that world. The one constant though is still beautiful women. They exist in radio too but Jake resists the temptations. All is going well until Jake’s issue with his image sets off a series of events that not only change his life but even the local company he has chosen to call his professional home. Jake, despite his devotion to his wife acquires a girlfriend 20 years his junior who prays the rosary everyday and comes from a “connected” mob family. This sexy tall lithe beauty who adores little fat dumpy Jake suffers a fall at his home escaping down the side steps when his wife returns home unexpectedly. Now he has a brain challenged wife and a partially paralyzed girl friend that he must care for while balancing the slings, arrows and shark bites of the cut throat radio business. In his radio career, Jake sees two different media worlds when he is employed by the two radio groups. Jake will see how one manager gets the very best out of his staff while the other brings out the very worst. It is a moral ping pong game for a man used to making up his own rules as he goes along. However it always comes back to the beautiful women in his life that ultimately leads to the climactic end of this saga. Jake will stay faithful to the two women who count on him the most. But that will not be accomplished without a lot of temptation, sacrifice and twists and turns along the way. In the end, the winners are Jake’s women because of their acceptance of his failings as a man. They become better and stronger women for having loved Jake, faults and all. That is Jake Yanick’s imperfect but loving legacy to his women.


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