Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BOOK REVIEW FROM SUE HENRY PROGRAM ON WILK RADIO FROM THE SUE HENRY PROGRAM ON WILK RADIO E mail address: SueHenry@WILKNEWSRADIO.COM David Yonki’s book about radio isn’t bad for a local lad. Dave recently visited WILK to discuss his work of fiction, "A Radio Story (We Wish You Well in Your Future Endeavors)." The subtitle of this book refers to the closing of a letter that many radio folk receive on their way out the door. The book features composites of many people you just might recognize. Keep in mind it’s a work of fiction, however, because "The Yonk" doesn’t want any lawsuits. Although most of the book is very believable, the ending, eh.....not so much. I give a lot of credit to anyone who has the audacity to write a book, however. Dave started his own career in broadcasting by handing out 45s (of the recorded variety, not suds) for the late Jim Ward. He is considered to be the Hemingway of his family and manages to work in the names of both of his nephews into the novel. We wish him well in his future endeavors.


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